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Polycom Video Conferencing DubaiPolycom Video Conferencing System

Video Conferencing is the ability to see people with whom you are speaking on a voice call and, of course, to have them see you. Quality is the real matter when it comes to the effectiveness of the Video Conferencing System. When it comes to high-quality Video Conferencing, Polycom Considered as the leader in VC Products and Solutions. Polycom video conferencing solutions help you catch every  part your communication and get more done. Polycom Video Conferencing help you reduce operational costs for everything from sales and product development to doctor-patient consultations and teacher-student sessions. Polycom  Offering a new level of video solution for customers who demand the very best in quality, flexibility, and usability in Business Video Conferencing. In today’s global marketplace Polycom Video Conferencing product line is clearly the best, offering a video solution for nearly any application. Polycom Video Conferencing delivers the richest audio, clearest and sharpest video, most advanced technology, and easiest to use interface.

High-Quality Video Conferencing often achieved with  a lot of background effort and technology. Polycom brings the most innovative ideas and technology to ensure the most effective business meeting.  If Your business and your workforce are spread across multiple locations then you need to be equipped to connect your workforce no matter where they are.In conference rooms, teams need easy to use technology, the ability to start meetings on time, and high-quality audio and video that enable collaboration rather than distract.You need a  partner who can offer systems that are easy to deploy and use with high level of quality. Most importantly the video conferencing systems should be scalable solutions that are interoperable, and lower TCO and faster ROI. Polycom offers consistent turnkey solutions that can be easily deployed without costly room remediation.

While looking to implement a video conferencing tech to boost your organization’s communication needs. You need to start from scratch and this is quite a difficult task. Where should you start? What do you do? What kind of systems should you look out for? This is the big question that needs to be considered before you go into such expenses.You should consider top quality video conferencing systems like Polycom systems, with dedicated conference centers or rooms and communication protocols that communicate with other similar systems. If you are trying to connect a few offices, having this kind of system in each office will give you the desired quality level.

How Polycom Help your Business to Empower

If you are running a business with multiple offices, you may have to partake in conference calls or regional meetings occasionally, for this reason, managers have to travel to specific places, just to participate in such convenings. Often, there would be a certain quantity of paperwork that needs to be distributed, connoting that it has to be prepared sometime before the actual meeting or sent through email or postal mail to the offices involved beforehand. That is to say; you have to invest a lot of finance into the meeting. Now imagine how much money and time you stand to save if you could organize such meeting in your offices, via video conferencing of course, with some relevant information displayed on a screen when the need arises and a factual interaction among the persons at different offices in different places. With video conferencing, you can set up a video system, microphones at each location that the meeting affects, allowing them to see and hear the issues and points raised by other offices and the materials too. All without excessive traveling expenses and preparation beforehand.

Polycom enrich your Visual Collaboration Video meetings with collaboration infrastructure that fits your company’s size and budget. The Polycom Video Conferencing System in Dubai helps you catch every hint and get more work done. Supporting your organization work together from anywhere. Making every meeting count, reducing operational costs for almost everything from product development and sale to consultation.

Setting up a conferencing room doesn’t require much space but must be accommodating enough to assure the comfort of people using it. If the place mapped out doesn’t have a lot of computer space made available, or you might be looking for extra versatility, then you should probably look into the Polycom Video Conferencing system to meet your conferencing needs.


With respect to reduction in the pricing of the video conferencing systems, this tech is gaining so much market popularity and a sharp rise in demand. Some years ago, video conferencing technology was quite expensive and could only be afforded by the big and medium scale organizations. But the reduction in pricing has now brought this device within reach of every organization of all sizes.

Video conferencing microphone and other equipment have become so cheap that they are now used as standard equipment in conference rooms of almost every organization located in many parts of the world. It enables users to get connected to each other while communicating via audio and visuals. The geographical distance between users does not serve as an obstacle in video conferencing. Video conferencing also solves the issue of travel expenses in an organization, it saves time, and it also facilitates quick decisions and actions in times of emergency. Therefore, over a short time span, the expense incurred over the video conferencing equipment and services are covered from its many benefits.

Videoconferencing is widely embraced by organizations of all sizes today as they offer a lot of benefits to businesses. This technology can be used to cater for different requirements in different environments and can most commonly be used for business meetings, online seminars, education, surveillance, security, emergency response, training, etcetera.

We highlighted some of the benefits of the Polycom Video Conferencing Systems. Though it is pertinent to note that everything with an advantage, has a disadvantage, to a large extent, the advantages and benefits of the features of the Polycom Video Conferencing System outweigh its disadvantages. The organizations making use of the Polycom Video Conferencing Systems for their business engagements stand a better chance of enjoying more benefits from its use. Some of which are:

  • It integrates directly with the existing video conference rooms.
  • Installation files are unlimited.
  • Up to 100 users at the same time.
  • Can hold up to 40 people in a group call.
  • The interface is simple to learn and understand.
  • Record your video calls and conferences.
  • Share contents and information during a call.
  • Extra controls for meetings
  • Calls are done under a dedicated network.

Another thing to consider while deciding to take your business communication system into video conferencing is the fact that a more substantial number of other businesses are already using this technology and it has been of significant advantage to them. As the price of video conferencing gadgets continually goes down and the quality transmission improves, more and more companies and organizations are going to adopt this medium in handling their day-to-day businesses. This means that, if you are not yet running your company or organization on this video conferencing trend, you’re required to upgrade to it at some point. But, by switching over now, you can ensure that your business will be able to meet the needs of your partners and employees without having to go through the struggle of trying to keep up later.

Video conferencing offers virtually limitless possibilities for your business communications and other IT related service. But to ensure you make the most out of this technology, it is imperative that, sound quality video conferencing systems and services are put in place by the organization.

Polycom Video Solutions for Skype for Business and Office 365

You can Experience the power of Polycom HD video conferencing and content collaboration combined with the ease and familiarity of Office 365 and Skype for Business. Delivering the Skype for Business user interface across Polycom devices means it’s easier for users to meet via video conference from anywhere – on any device. Direct integration with Office 365 means that users can easily access contacts, schedule meetings, and click to join a Skype call without missing a beat or breaking their normal workflow. Polycom RealConnect is the first video interoperability solution certified for Office 365 and Skype for Business.  Polycom RealConnect ensures that users have a seamless video conferencing and content collaboration experience in Skype for Business calls regardless of the video device they use to join. Polycom RealConnect Video Conferencing supports all journeys of Skype for Business including on-premises, hybrid, and online Office 365 deployment.

Polycom Room Video Solutions for Skype for Business extend the Skype for Business meeting experience from the desktop to meeting rooms of any size. Ensure the highest quality experience for your team and remote participants. Polycom RealPresence Group Series offers enterprise-grade video conferencing, voice and collaboration experiences to accelerate decision-making and foster innovation. RealPresence Group Series is now certified on Office 365 and Skype for Business.

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