Polycom Ceiling Mic Dubai

Polycom Ceiling Mic

Polycom Ceiling Mics are always a professional meeting room choice. It offers 360-degree voice pick with reliable and consistent performance. It can be paired with an installed audio solution or Directly with Polycom Video conferencing. The Polycom Acoustic Fence™ Technology in this Mic make your conference room highly effective. You can define the fence area and isolate unwanted sound based on your fence creation. This microphone can eliminate the acoustic noice dramatically even it place right on top of the speaker. With Polycom ceiling mic you will enjoy your meeting productively without any distraction.


Polycom Ceiling Mic Dubai

Create a clutter-free environment while experiencing clear, crisp audio conferencing with Polycom ceiling microphones. Polycom’s digital microphone array in Dubai is the only audio pick up the device on the market that offers consistent, reliable, 360-degree coverage and Polycom StereoSurround™ audio. When this conference room microphone is paired with Polycom video conferencing systems, your team is equipped with the audio solution they need to take collaboration to the next level.

Key Benefits:

  • Capture active speakers without physical intervention – The only ceiling microphone on the market with a directional microphone beam that automatically picks up the person speaking
  • Create an invisible meeting room boundary for open workspaces with Acoustic Fence technology – Ceiling microphones serve as fence posts to isolate audio pickup within the boundary
  • Increase the flexibility of room use by putting electronics in the ceiling instead of on the conference table

polycom cieling mic dubai uae


  • Supports stereo audio with Polycom Siren 22 audio technology
  • Provides 360-degree coverage with three cardioid elements
  • Full-duplex digital audio
  • 12 foot pickup range (covering 450 square feet, 42 square meters)
  • Group Series 300/310 support 2 ceiling microphones
  • Group Series 500/ 700 support up to 4 ceiling microphones
  • SoundStructure C12 and C16 support up to 4 ceiling microphones
  • Instant Adaptation Echo Cancellation
  • Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)
  • Automatic Gain Control (ACG)